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Sourcing Profits Review

Sourcing Profits Review

Sourcing Profits Review

Product creation happens to be one of the most exciting and lucrative ways to earn money online. Due to high risk, majority of the people stay away from product creation. Selling your own physical product to customers via internet happens to be a risky as well as expensive thing to do. Though you can outsource everything ranging from product manufacturing to delivery, but it still remains a hectic task.

How about if you get access to a step-by-step training program that shows you the best way to run your own ecommerce store online and sell and deliver products all from your home? It sounds interesting as well as something hard to believe but Sourcing Profits does the same thing.

With Sourcing Profits, you don’t have to worry for anything for your ecommerce store because anything and everything can be outsourced.

Let’s have a closer look at this training program and see how it can be of any help (if any) for businesses and ecommerce stores. Here are the learning outcomes of today’s Sourcing Profits review.

  • What is Sourcing Profits
  • The people behind Sourcing Profits
  • Content of the training program
  • A look at the features
  • Price
  • Pros and cons
  • Suggestions for users
  • Conclusion

What is Sourcing Profits?

In simple words, it is a training program that shows you all about outsourcing your entire business ranging from manufacturing to packaging to shipping to delivery. This is not a training program that talks about drop shipping which is a different phenomenon rather it is about outsourcing. The products that will be delivered to the customers will have your logo, brand name and will be delivered from your end. You will own the product and everything else.

Since Sourcing Profits is related to outsourcing (especially from China) therefore you will be selling physical goods – not digital. The idea is to let you outsource all the tasks from your home or office. It is a training program that is equally good for beginners as well as for established ecommerce stores and product owners. Not only that you are taught how to outsource but you will get access to resources, addresses, phone numbers and assistance from the authors on outsourcing. All these features together make this one of the best training programs in the market.

The Authors

Such a large scale training program cannot be developed by a single guy. There are four guys behind this massive product:

  • Paul Sinclair, who is an expert in sourcing from China
  • Isaac Kuhlman, who is the other expert in sourcing from China
  • Stephanie Shook is one of the leading as well as well-known product developers
  • Gauher Chaudhry is the most famous guru in paid traffic. He has authored several killer products including (but not limited to) Pay Per View Formula, Pay Per Click Formula and Media Buying Sumo.

Together these four experts have come up with this great launch which will going to be one of the best products of this year. Personally I am a big fan of Gauher Chaudhry. He is the guy who knows his work. He has been in internet marketing industry for last 16 years, and this shows his experience and consistency. Anything that comes from this guy is really amazing and worth trying.

Training Program Analysis

I must say that this is a really in-depth and extremely comprehensive training on sourcing. Being a member, you are not just trained but you get tons of sourcing services that are indeed very helpful. There are several ways to train the students as well as to provide them all the assistance they need.

Following is a list of learning materials that are available inside the member’s area:


This is the main course which has 5 step-by-step modules. This training session shows you the entire business model, how to do it, how sourcing works, and how you can make massive money from it.

Live Session

There is a 2-day live training event that every student (member) of the course gets. Since it is live training session therefore attendees can ask questions, seek help and get advice on their projects.

Webinar Conferencing

Members are helped via webinar conferencing. They get coaching calls from the authors and their team to get assistance on anything they like.


Sourcing Profits has maintained a community where members as well as trainers and authors interact with one another. This is one of the best learning resources for students.


This is the best thing in the entire training program. Being a member, you get access to so many resources including videos, SOPs, library, documents, PDFs, databases and videos of China tour and factories in China and much more.

After becoming a member of Sourcing Profits, you are trained on everything that’s either related to your business or to sourcing. Here is a list of services that you can source:

  • Sample collection
  • Factory sourcing
  • Product creation
  • Packaging
  • Design
  • Freight
  • Quality assurance

This isn’t all, authors will help you with consulting services too. In case of any issue with your business, you will either be consulted directly by one of the author(s) or you will be referred to a consulting service.

All in all, Sourcing Profits is a full training program that has not only training videos, live sessions but you get assistance from the authors and even consultation from the authors any time you want. Creating your own ecommerce store and selling products on Amazon is not an issue at all. No matter whether you are interesting in selling t-shirts, LED light bulbs, headphones, RC helicopters or anything else, you can start your own brand, have them designed the way you like, deliver them to customers all over the world and have your own brand – this is all made simple and easy by Sourcing Profits.

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  • One of the biggest ever training program on sourcing in general and sourcing from China in particular.
  • Sourcing Profits is authored by four best internet marketers, two of them are doing sourcing successfully for several years now. These authors make this particular training a really killer one.
  • There are numerous teaching methods including videos, PDFs, live sessions, consulting, community, calls, webinars and much more.
  • The training starts from the basics and it ends at the advance level so being a member, you learn pretty much everything that’s somehow linked to sourcing ranging from basics to advance level strategies.
  • Authors have covered every bit of information and have tried everything to make it one of the most detailed and comprehensive courses available on the market related to sourcing.
  • You can start your own product, in fact product lines, pretty much easily after going through the course.
  • No special skills or experience needed. Even if you are new to all this stuff, you can still become a successful ecommerce store owner.


A training program that is so comprehensive cannot be cheap. Well there are two ways to pay for the Sourcing Profits:

  1. You can become a member for one-time payment of $1497
  2. You can pay $527 per month for three months

So actually the training program is priced at $1497. If you look at the content of the course and the way how these guys teach you and enable you to become a successful business owner, you will realize that it isn’t such a high price.

However, I’d say that for most of the guys, this is a really big ask. You have to decide whether you need this training course at this price knowing all the stuff that it will teach you. Choice is yours.


  • If you are serious about making money from internet and if you are serious about starting an online business, this is the right starting point for you. If you buy Sourcing Profits, there is nothing else you have to buy.
  • The authors have covered everything about sourcing and starting and running an ecommerce store in this course.
  • The authors behind this training are a source of inspiration for a lot of newbie out there. These guys have intensive experience in internet marketing and this isn’t their first product.
  • It just doesn’t train you instead it gives you access to a whole lot of resources that you can use to kill the competition.
  • All the videos and the training modules run in a sequence. The videos are step-by-step which makes it very easy for members to understand and get the idea.
  • Everything that you learn in Sourcing Profits is practically applicable. And if you find yourself lost, you can always seek help from experts via forum.
  • Members get access to the forum where they can find ideas, share ideas, post their problems and get instant help.
  • Coaching calls is a great feature where members receive calls from experts for assistance with their business.
  • Authors provide consultation services to their members upon request and this is such a great feature.
  • Sourcing Adventure is a unique program where every member get an opportunity to visit China, see factories and explore Chine and business in China.
  • Last but not the least, you can try Sourcing Profits absolutely risk-free as they are offering 30 days money back guarantee. Yes, it is true. This means if you are not satisfied with the training, you can get your money back.
Sourcing Profits


  • Sourcing Profits is a great course overall but the thing is, it is expensive. I know trainings like these are always expensive but it has been seen that such expensive courses cannot be purchased by the people who need them the most.

Suggestions for Members

To be successful with selling online and to successfully implement what you will learn in the Sourcing Profits, you have to follow these suggestions. These are a bunch of advices that will help you achieve your goal easily as well as quickly.

  • Sourcing Profits is all about selling physical goods that you do not manufacture, design, pack or deliver yourself. You don’t even own a ware house. Every single part of the business is outsourced. You can either create your own website (an ecommerce store) to sell your goods or you can use a third party site like Amazon. So apparently it looks very easy but actually selling physical products and that too via outsourcing happens to be a hard pill to swallow. Though authors of Sourcing Profits have tried their best to make things as simple and easy as possible for users but it is still not that easy. I’d recommend you should step into this business if you are really serious and passionate about it, and you have the time and resources.
  • When we talk of resources to manufacture and sell physical goods on the internet, we mainly are interested in capital. Starting an ecommerce store and getting your products manufactured in a factory in China will definitely cost you a lot of money. It is not like creating a digital product once and selling it over and over again. We are talking about physical products. Therefore you should have ample money in your pocket and in your bank account before starting this kind of business.
  • You will find a lot of tips and ideas in the training program. I must say these tips are great for immediate success. You need to stick to the training if you want to get on the track as soon as possible. Seek advice and help from experts via consulting, community and discuss your issues openly so as to get them resolved.
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