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List Academy Review: Earn More from the Same Email List

List Academy Review: Earn More from the Same Email List

List Academy Review

It is said and believed that ‘the money is in the list’. This apparently means that all you need is an email list and that’s all. Building a huge email list, itself, isn’t easy but once you have a list, money doesn’t come in easily. We all know the money is in the list but only a few know how to get that money out from the list. There are a lot of people who own huge email lists but they just cannot monetize it. They don’t know how to make money from the list. They have no idea how to build a relationship with the list.

To date, there is no course or training program that teaches you how to monetize your list and how to make money from it like hell.

List Academy by Anik Singal happens to be the very first course on the said topic. List Academy doesn’t show you how to build an email list but it shows you how to earn massive income from the list you already have.

In today’s List Academy review, you will learn all about it including:

  • Overview of the product
  • The need for the course
  • About the author
  • Course overview
  • Features
  • Price
  • Pros and cons
  • Suggestions for buyers
  • Conclusion

List Academy Overview

List academy Review

List Academy is a detailed training course that is aimed to enable email marketers reap more benefit, monetary as well as non-monetary, from their email lists. This course will not teach you the methods to build an email list rather it is a course that will show you how to make (more) money from the email list that you already have.

This training course is created in order to help all those individuals who own email lists but they are not sure what to do with their email list. This happens to a lot of people. Even if you are already making a lot of money from your email list, List Academy will show you methods and techniques that will double or even triple your earnings per email. The author, Anik Singal, shares his personal techniques and strategies of making massive money from any email list.

It is a complete and a very comprehensive course which includes a free ebook, trainings, webinars, workshops, live trainings, videos, PDF reports and much more. There is no single best way that this particular course follows so expect a lot of learning after becoming a member.

The Need for List Academy

So why this particular course was needed in the first place?

Why Anik Singal created a course that no other internet marketer has ever created?

What is the idea behind the course?

According to the author, he analyzed emails and queries that he personally received from people in the last six months and found that majority of the people were asking questions about making money from an email list like:

  • How to monetize my email list (in any niche)?
  • How to sell affiliate products to my list?
  • What should I sell or promote to my list?
  • How should I define and build relationship with my list?
  • I have a huge list but I don’t make much money from it, how can I?

All these and similar questions led to the creation of List Academy.

The analysis showed a gap that exist in the market and the course, List Academy, tries to fill the gap by providing answers to the many questions of the people who own an email list (in any niche).

Another reason why such a training program was created is that there is no such (comprehensive) training available in the market. List Academy is one of the pioneer trainings that solely focus on monetizing your email list. We are talking about comprehensive and massive trainings – not just PDFs or video courses that show you generic ways to monetize an email list.

The idea behind the creation of List Academy is, therefore, twofold; to answer queries of email marketers at a mass level and to come up with one of the most comprehensive training programs that will show people how to make more money from the list(s) they own.

Anik Singal , The Author of List Academy

Anik Singal

Anik Singal was included in top 3 young entrepreneurs by Business Week and this shows what kind of guy he is. He is one of the leading internet marketers and email marketing professional who has not only earned massive income from email marketing but he has also trained more than 150K students. He has been in the industry for a lot of years now and has launched several successful training programs and courses. Last time, he gave 200K copies of his free ebook and this time, it is List Academy that also comes with a free published book – keep your fingers crossed.

You see, Anik Singal, is a real internet marketing guru and anything that’s coming from his end, is always packed with real value. His new training program (List Academy) will be no different.

Anik has produced more of internet marketing successful programs such as Inbox Blueprint , Future of Wealth , Profit Academy and finally List academy and he has helped Markling for launching his great product Learn Build Earn

This is Video is related to Anik Singal not to ReviewPedia

List Academy Contents

It is a very detailed training program that has a lot of different ways to teach you. The training program has three phases:

  1. The Foundation is the first phase where you will learn how to build an email list that will generate massive income for you on autopilot. The purpose of this phase is to let you know how you should be building an email list in the future so that the people who subscribe to your list will buy from you.
  2. The second phase is purely about building a relationship with your email list(s). Everyone tells you to build a relationship with your list but nobody ever told you how to do it. Anik will show you every single email that he sends to his email list so that you can see how he builds relationship with his subscribers. You can copy his method. Anik shows you how he earns $1 per subscriber every month. He just doesn’t show but he lets you copy his methods. This is an amazing learning – I must say.
  3. The final phase of the training talks about conversion strategies that Anik follows. You will see, learn and will be able to copy the exact conversion techniques that he uses to earn money from every single email that he sends to his email list(s). This phase shows you how to monetize your emails so that you can also make $1 per subscriber per month.

The training program will be launched on 18 July, 2015. Here is how the entire training program flows:

  • You will first get a free ebook that’s written by Anik himself. This ebook itself is extremely valuable and has a lot of high quality content about monetizing your email lists.
  • There is a 3-day free workshop. You will get access to free live training for 3 days. In these video trainings, Anik and partners will tell you all about the course, email lists, making money from email lists and will answer your queries.
  • You will get further training material in the form of case studies, video trainings, PDFs, ebooks, webinars and much more.

This is not one of those traditional training programs where you get access to a membership site with a bunch of videos. No. This is not how Anik teaches his students. He shows you the path to success by interacting with you. Remember, it is all about relationship building – and this is what Anik does with his students.

List academy Features

By now, you must have got hints of the training program and most of its features. Here is a condensed list of features that you get with the training.

  • The best thing about List Academy is that it is the first ever training program on list monetization from a leading internet marketer who is willing to share his personal emails that he sends to his list. WOW!
  • It is not just a training program instead you will be able to see and copy the strategies and emails that Anik uses. You can copy his entire system.
  • The entire training program has been divided into phases and each phase has videos, webinars, live sessions, PDFs, reports, case studies and real examples. I mean what else you want?
  • List Academy addresses one of the most common problems of email marketers that is – how to make more money from the email list. The ultimate goal is to earn $1 per subscriber every month. Imagine you have a list of 5000 subscribers, this means you can make $5000 every month on complete autopilot. Amazing, isn’t it?

List Academy Launch

Download "The Email LifeTime Free Book NOW , It;s Free

List Academy Free Book
Download Digital Product Blueprint

List Academy Price

You get the initial book by Anik Singal for free. This is a published book and is extremely valuable.

The training program is priced at $997. You get full access to the entire training program at one-time price of $997.

Now it looks a bit pricey but if you compare return on investment to the investment, you will not hesitate to buy it. If you are not making $1 per subscriber a month, imagine doing so at one-time cost of $997? If it sounds a good investment, go for it.

List Academy Pros

  • This particular training program comes from a guy who has a long history of creating products and courses that sell like hot cakes. Every time Anik has launched a new product, people purchased it like candies.
  • The training course includes videos, ebooks, reports, case studies, webinars, live sessions and much more. It just doesn’t focus on one coaching method.
  • You get access to the strategies and techniques that author uses himself to make massive income from his own lists.
  • You will be shown emails that author sends to his own list. It is then up to you what you learn from those emails and how you copy the method.
  • It is a unique and innovative course that addresses a real issue that email marketers are facing.
  • Very valuable training program in the sense that it teaches you a method that is practically applicable and it shows you a method that has a monetary value.

List Academy Cons

  • Price is the only issue for me and I am sure it will be for most of the guys out there. $997 is not a price that everyone can afford easily.


Here are a few suggestions for those who are planning to purchase List Academy. In order to make most from this training, you need to stick to these suggestions and recommendations.

  • Only purchase List Academy if you own at least one email list (in any niche). It is a training program that shows you how to monetize your email list and how to make huge sums of money from it. So if you don’t have an email list, this is not a training for you.
  • The idea behind the creation of List Academy is to enable email marketers earn $1 per subscriber every month. This is something that is not easy to achieve. The author earns $1 a subscriber but he has spent years and massive resources to reach such a high earning potential. You might not be able to earn this much from your list instantly but if you will stick to the rules and methods, you will eventually. So don’t get depressed.
  • In order to succeed, you should stick to the course and try to learn as much as possible. Anik will share his personal strategies and even emails that he sends out every week. It depends on you how you take those emails and what you learn from them. The idea is to take the concept, personalize it, make it yours, and then stick to it. Simple copy and paste might not work instead you will have to test and tweak the strategies. This will need time – a lot of time maybe.

List Academy Scam

Is List academy Training Is scam ? How come it will be scam ? it is impossible to be scam , Anik singal has more than 12 years for internet marketing and has achieved wealth more than 50 million $$$ from promoting and marketing products through his mail lists

with this big history for Anik Singal and his other products success specially Publish academy , List academy will make more success and achievement and will be added to the success stories 0f Anik and his team

List Academy Bonus

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