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How to Properly Secure Your WordPress Site

How to Properly Secure Your WordPress Site

Secure Your WordPress Site

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WordPress is one of the most popular hosting platforms in the world, with millions of websites using it as a base for their content. This means that hackers are highly incentivized in trying to figure out ways to attack WordPress websites and steal reader information or take over your website to use in botnet attacks.

These problems are why you need to secure your website, whether you are just starting up or have had a website for years. You need to know exactly what you are doing to protect your website, and you need to have a plan of action. Fortunately, there are plenty of different tools and habits that have stood the test of time that will make you a more security conscious person.

Secure Word press

Here are a few tips that might help you in determining how to defend your WordPress site:

Use a Virtual Private Network

Unless you have a Virtual Private Network to use on your computer, then it is a bad idea to administer your website on any public or unsecure networks. On those networks, hackers can lie in wait with an undetectable computer setup and intercept any data that is sent over the network. This data can include the login info for your WordPress account, personal data and confidential reader data. Becoming the victim of an attack like this can mean the end of your blog.

What a VPN does is protect you from these hackers by connecting your computer to an offsite secure server via an encrypted connection. The server will mask your IP address, and the encrypted connection will block out anyone who wishes to see what you are doing online. They will only know whether you are online or offline. There are other benefits to the service, but the security alone makes one worth the cost.

To pick out a good VPN, take a look at some reviews of the most popular VPNs used today:

Good Computer Habits

As much as the advanced mechanics and tools of cybercrime and internet security change rapidly over time, the basic principles remain strong and shall remain strong for years to come. There are several things that every person should do to protect their computer and online life, which is the main gateway to your website.

  • The most basic thing you can do is to use strong passwords with more than ten characters. They should be comprised of different characters and not use any words found in the dictionary.
  • You absolutely need an internet security suite installed on any computer you use. There are too many threats online to go without one.
  • Don’t download anything you aren’t sure 100 percent of. Most things you download will get past your firewall and can cause serious problems for your computer (even hold it for ransom) should it get activated and be malicious.
  • Try to only use secure and trusted websites. There are few reasons to deviate from the norm when doing research or getting personal chores done.

Know Everything Regarding Your Website

Knowledge is the key to survival when it comes to online security. Do you know every last detail of your website as it stands today? Do you have any incomplete tasks regarding the website, such as updating the “about me” section or deleting some malicious comments? These are things you simply have to stay on top of should you want to have a completely secure website.

Do a review of your website right now and take mental notes (or physical notes, if you feel the need) of where everything is on your website, any security holes that the page could experience and whether there is anything that could be done to solve those problems. Know who your most frequent commenters are and when the most visitors come to your site. If there is a statistic out there, it can be helpful for your site’s security. Having the data available allows you to set up a plan and tells you when you need to be the most careful.

Only Use Trusted Plugins

There are a lot of different plugins available for WordPress, and this is generally a good thing due to the versatility it brings the platform. Unfortunately, there are also a great many plugins that will act as malware on your website. There are even more that have security holes or exploits, inserted intentionally or unintentionally, that will allow hackers and cybercriminals to gain unwarranted access to your site. This is completely unacceptable.

Make sure that you are using only the most trusted and popular plugins available on WordPress. If any reviews on the plugin’s page give warnings to potential users, then back away from the app and delete it if you already have it on your site. Your website can survive without it, or it can die with the plugin installed.

Security of Wordpress

When trying to protect your WordPress website, you can never be at rest. There are always new threats forming, and you need to constantly be on the lookout for warnings about what might be coming to attack your website. So long as you stay vigilant, you will have a strong chance of never having to deal with a major security breach. Thank you for reading, and I hope that you are able to put up the strongest defenses on the internet.

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Caroline is a freelance writer and technology enthusiast. She particularly enjoys writing about practical ways technology can help you and also internet safety and security. You can contact Caroline here.

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