Amazing Selling Machine Review and Bonus

Amazing Selling Machine Review and Bonus

Amazing Selling Machine 8 Review

These days, starting an online business is everyone’s dream. I mean who doesn’t want to earn money while they are sleeping or spending time with their family on a beach? This can only happen if you have an internet business.


If starting, managing and running a successful internet business was so easy – every third person that you meet would be a millionaire. The fact of the matter is – money doesn’t come easily whether it is money on the internet or money in the physical market.

It was and it still is not easy to setup such a business that will keep generating money for you on complete autopilot.

There are, however, several training programs and courses that teach you how exactly you can setup such a business. Amazing Selling Machine 8 is one such course that teaches you how to setup and run a real internet business. It shows you how to become a seller of physical goods. Now this is really an interesting business opportunity.

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What Is Amazing Selling Machine 8?

In today’s article, we will review Amazing Selling Machine 8 in depth. You will find out all about this course. Here is an overview of what’s coming:

  • Overview of the course
  • About authors
  • Course material
  • Course features
  • How it works
  • Price
  • Pros and cons
  • Who should use this
  • Suggestions and recommendations
  • Conclusion and final verdict

Amazing Selling Machine 8 Authors

jason katzenback
Matt Clark

Matt Clark is the main man behind this course. Anything that comes from this guy is definitely worth trying. He has a proven track record of creating masterpieces. He has created several courses in the past including Copy Command, App Startup, Online Jumpstart and many others.

He has launched and grew four multimillion-dollar businesses. He is a famous author who has written several articles for Forbes and Business.

He is truly a guy you can trust. He knows what he is doing and what he is saying.

Jason Katzenback is the other author of the course. He is an exceptionally experienced guy who launched his first million dollar business in 2005 and since then, he has been addicted to doing so. He is an entrepreneur, speaker, and author.

Together these two guys make a perfect team.

Amazing Selling Machine 8 Overview

Amazing Selling Machine 8 or ASM is an online course created by Matt Clark. It shows you how to sell physical products via Amazon. No, you don’t have to manufacture these products neither you have to have a product for selling instead you will be drop shipping products.

In order to fully understand how Amazing Selling Machine 8 actually works and what this business model is, you should know what drop shipping is.

Well, dropship is not a new term. It is a complete business model that has been there for years. It is a supply chain technique where you, being the brand or the retailer or the seller, do not maintain an inventory rather you send customer orders to a third party which could either be the manufacturer, a wholesaler or a dropship company, which then deliver the product to the customer with your brand name.

So you don’t have to have a warehouse instead you just have to send customer orders to the third-party, which in this case is Amazon, and it will deliver products to your customers.

In Amazing Selling Machine 8, you will learn two main things:

How to buy products from China in bulk and how to grab hefty discount.
Sign up for Fulfilment by Amazon program and send your products to Amazon. Amazon will then maintain the inventory and will deliver your products to your customers.
So you will be selling via Amazon. You will become an Amazon seller but without having a manufacturing plant, your own team, your own office, your own warehouse and without getting any pain. You can single-handily run this business and guess what, you can earn a lot of money from this very business model.

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Amazing Selling Machine 8 Content and Analysis

When you sign up for Amazing Selling Machine 8, you get access to following materials:

Eight week training program. These are online training courses that go in steps.
Access to Technology Suite where you get all the tools and resources that you need to succeed with this business model.
Lifetime access to forum and community.
You get the chance to have one-to-one session with Amazing Selling Machine 8 team.
Admission to a three day event in Las Vegas.
Group coaching calls for eight weeks.
The main content of the course is the eight week training program. It is a step-by-step training program where you will learn everything about the business model, how it works and how you can set it up. It is a very detailed training program. All your questions will be answered. You will have full access to everything that you want to know.

Everything that you get with your sign up is great. It is a course that is packed with knowledge and practical tools. What’s better than talking to the team of Amazing Selling Machine 8?

What I personally love about the course is that you learn everything about the business and its model practically. There are case studies, live sessions, videos, PDFs and much more for you to learn whatever you want to.

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Amazing Selling Machine 8 Features

Here is a list of some of the features of Amazing Selling Machine 8 that make it better than other training programs.

One of the most comprehensive training course on a very powerful business model that has the potential to generate thousands of dollars in pure profit for you every month.
The course has been authored by two awesome guys. They have good reputation and they are known for their expertise and past experiences.
Entire course is step-by-step. You don’t learn things in bits and pieces instead you learn everything in sequence. You know what are the steps that you have to take and in what sequence, to be successful with this business model.
There are multiple teaching materials included in the course for instance video trainings, manuals, events, live sessions, case studies, Q&A sessions and tools and resources.
You get access to all the tools and resources that you will need to setup your own business. This is one of the best things about this course.
You have the chance to speak to authors in one-to-one sessions. This is one of my favorite parts. Whatever queries you have, you can ask them and get them solved.
You get lifetime access to forum and community of Amazing Selling Machine 8 where you can meet people, make relationships and learn a lot of new stuff from people from all parts of the world.
The business model that you will learn in this course is really awesome. You will be selling physical goods which is always better than creating a blog or becoming an affiliate marketer. You will become a seller and will have your own physical products to sell.

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How Amazing Selling Machine 8 Works

As already said, you will be working on a business model that’s known as drop shipping.

The first phase of the business setup is to choose a product that you want to sell. It could be anything. The only thing that you have to look at this stage is relevant competition and profit margin. These two are the most critical factors. Make sure that there is minimum competition on Amazon for that product and you should be able to earn maximum profit per sale.

In order to figure out profits, you have to head to China – no you don’t have to go there but you need to contact different Chinese manufacturers of your selected product and ask for samples. You will get all the details of where to find these companies and how to contact them. When contacting for samples, don’t forget to consider per unit price and your profit margin.

Once you are satisfied with a product, you need to place a bulk order. This is where you get a lot of discount and this is one nice way of earning a lot per unit. You need to deliver these products directly to Amazon – Fulfillment by Amazon program. Amazon, in this case, will act as a drop shipper and your items will be delivered by Amazon.

You just have to create an Amazon seller account, list your product, mention details and start promoting it. Rest will be handled by Amazon.

This is the basic business model that you will learn and implement practically in this training course.

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How Amazing Selling Machine 8 Training Program

The eight-week training program is the heart of the ASM. Here is a list of training sessions that you will have access to.

  1. Module #1: This is the introductory module that talks about exploring Amazon and doing market research and then choosing a hot niche with sellable items.
  2. Module #2: Here you will finalize your item that you want to sell and at the same time, you will find out relevant providers.
  3. Module #3: This is the most interesting module where you will purchase your first order from China. You will learn the secret of ordering from China in three simple steps.
  4. Module #4: Setting up your product page on Amazon with pictures and description that viewers will fell in love with.
  5. Module #5: How to get your first three reviews on Amazon and how to kill the competition at Amazon.
  6. Module #6: It is now time to focus on your brand name and brand image. You will also learn how to promote your item on Amazon.
  7. Module #7: This is perhaps the best module that shows you how to rank your item high in Amazon search results. You will also find out all about Amazon analytics.
  8. Module #8: How to successfully outsource your business and how to run it successfully for the rest of your life.
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Amazing Selling Machine 8 Price

One of the biggest drawbacks of Amazing Selling Machine 8 is its price. Unfortunately this is not a cheap training course. Its price is $3497. This is a one-time cost of the course.

You can pay it all once or you can pay it in four monthly installments.

Now I know that this price is really high but this is the way how it is. Even at this price, there are people who are buying this course because they know that they can get their money back easily once their business will start generating cash.

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Amazing Selling Machine 8 Pros

Amazing Selling Machine Pros

The course has been authored by two expert guys who have intensive experience of establishing and running million dollar businesses. They know how to help people create and run a business successfully.
There are tons of learning material available with this course. You get videos, one on one sessions, manuals and even all the tools that you need.
It comes with full 30 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the course, you can get your money back.
The business model that these guys will teach you is really profitable. If you have the money to start such a large scale business, there are fair chances that you will succeed and will become a millionaire in no time.
You get a chance to speak to the authors of the course. You can get their suggestions on your website, on your business proposal and you can ask questions.

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Amazing Selling Machine Testimonials

Amazing Selling Machine program has tones of success stories for more entrepreneurs that have established their business with the help of this program

more of these success stories have been published at amazing official YouTube Channel , below are some samples

[envira-gallery id=”780″]

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Amazing Selling Machine 8 Cons

Amazing Selling Machine Cons

The biggest issue with Amazing Selling Machine 8 is its price. It is really expensive. Majority of the people cannot pay such a huge sum of money all at once.
You need some serious money to start this business because you have to purchase products in bulk from China. Now this needs investment – a lot of investment. And remember, you are buying these products when you don’t have a single order at Amazon. It makes this a risky move.

Amazing Selling Machine 8 Training Live Sessions

Amazing Selling Machine Live Sessions

Amazing Selling Machine 8 Team are holding daily Live training Session to learn you how you can establish your business and see you some of success stories with their Training program , you can reserve your seat here

reserve your seat Amazing selling machine

Amazing Selling Machine 8 Training Videos

Amazing Selling Machine 8 Video 1

The $170 Billion Opportunity Sitting Right at Your Doorstep (And the First Step to Getting Started)

Amazing Selling Machine 8 Video 1
Amazing Selling Machine Video 1

Amazing Selling Machine 8 Video 2

How Even a Complete Beginner Can Find High-Quality Suppliers for Any Amazon Product Opportunity

Amazing Selling Machine 8 Video 2
Amazing Selling Machine Video 1

Amazing Selling Machine 8 Video 3

How to Rank Any Product at the
Top of Amazon (Plus Free Step-by-Step Guide)

Amazing Selling Machine 8 Video 3
Amazing Selling Machine Video 1

Amazing Selling Machine 8 Video 4

Revealed: Build a Real $100,000 Per Month Business with Amazon, Guaranteed

List Academy Bonus Coming soon
Amazing Selling Machine Video 1

Amazing Selling Machine 8 - Who Should Use This?

The fact of the matter is, Amazing Selling Machine 8 is not for everyone for two main reasons.

First, it is very expensive. Even if you desperately want to buy it – you just cannot if you don’t have enough money.

Secondly, it needs a lot of initial capital to start such a business.

This implies that it is a course for those who have the money to purchase the course and then who have the funds to invest in the business. You don’t have to invest money from your own pocket rather you can arrange an investor.

So this is a training program for those who are really serious and passionate and at the same time, they have the necessary resources to keep going.

Suggestions and Tips

If you are to buy Amazing Selling Machine 8, don’t forget these suggestions.

If you are not serious or don’t have the time to start a new business or if you have a full-time job or if you are student – don’t invest your money on this course. This is not for you. Only buy this course if you are serious and if you have the passion to start a new business.
You must have liquid money with you to invest in the inventory. You have to purchase products in advance from China.
This is a real full-time business model that needs a lot of hard work. It is not something that you can do on autopilot. Of course, there comes a stage when you don’t have to do anything but initially you have to work really hard – be prepared for it.


Despite its high price and all the investment that you need to start your business, we have to admit that it is a course that has changed the lives of a lot of people – real people, not fake ones. It has the potential to make you rich in true sense because you will be selling products. It is simple and transparent business.

If you have the money to buy this course, I’d recommend going for it because it is a course that will teach you a lot of stuff. If you are confident enough that you can do this, go for it. It is a worth trying course from guys who know how to empower their students.

Amazing Selling Machine 8 Bonus

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