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10 Email Marketing Trends And Challenges In 2015

10 Email Marketing Trends And Challenges In 2015

When people are asked what the best digital marketing strategy is today, e-mail marketing is always found in the first three selections. In fact, email marketing usually gets increased budget in so many establishments today. For this reason, the idea of learning the least email marketing techniques is highly crucial. This is due to the importance and degree of competition of innovative mobile email marketing strategies available. Is your quest for email marketing trends and challenges at 2015? Are you searching for reliable information about email marketing trends and challenges at 2015? Reading through the rest part of this article will help you discover 10 email marketing trends and challenges at 2015.

Simple E-mail Design To Operate Across Devices:

The move or idea to responsive e-mail design has worked effectively. It has successfully encouraged simpler e-mail styles with respect to concentration on image, context and text in 2014. Nevertheless, it is expected to continue into the year 2015. RSD has been for about three years now. However, it is a good idea for companies and firms to consider RSD strategies. This is because they are effective for desktop and mobile and more recipients can now read emails on tablets and Smartphone. E-mails read on a PC also comes with higher CTRs engagement. This should not be ignored.

Video Usage In Email:

Videos are now easily embedded with HTML5 in emails rather than to click through to play it. However, this strategy has not been delivered across all email customers. Marketing specialists mention that the whole process can be achieved through static gif or animated gif.

More Email Animation:

Advanced email marketing experts working in retail have discovered that animated gifs remain an effective strategy to understand. This is because more recipients or customers are likely to download images. Furthermore, animated gifs usually capture the attention of prospective visitors. The idea of using cinemagraphs and animated gifs will help you provide a lively and vibrant email that engages prospective visitors.

Predictive Intelligence:

Predictive intelligence includes applying propensity formats to recognize the combination of offers and content to get a quick response. The truth is that this strategy remains highly popular. This is because it’s always available as a unique characteristic in several MA and email tools. Experts conclude by saying that more application of predictive intelligence in content and offers based on the combination of interests, behaviors and profile within segments will increase. This is highly applicable when associated with external saved information that can be effective and powerful. It is important to know that this functionality was rightly implemented.

Dynamic Customization:

Email marketing comes with several realities. This is because your sophisticated and elegant targeting remains the biggest solution to emails. Even if you get excited about trends and design styles, the process will always work effectively. For several years, email marketing professionals have been using saved data to customize campaigns based on profiles and interactions. Some even use only data insertion strategy to get customization campaigns done. Above all, dynamic customization is a new trend unleashed by email marketing to take your business to the next level.

Using Social Network Services To Grow Email List:

Do you know that social network services have strategies to grow email list? You will have to keep or manage updates with their promotional rules. Whether you use promotional coupons, Twitter cards or Facebook across the media, the strategy will always unleash quality results. There are so many establishments using this strategy to earn about 20 percent of redemption rate currently. You can as well adopt this technique to boost your business RIO, sales, conversion rates and visibility.

Increase/Boost In Pop-up Boxes To Grow List:

This strategy is also becoming a trend to watch out for even in 2015. This is because companies are now discovering a boost in email lists. Pop-up boxes can as well help to capture the attention of your prospective visitors without any hesitation to take action.

Double Opt-in:

With this innovative opt-in method, recipients are allowed to get into a brand’s email program. This can be done by simply sending an empty message to a given email address. Provided this is done, it will prompt an opt-in affirmation request email that demands someone to activate their registration or subscription. By just clicking on a weblink in the e-mail, the whole process will be activated and complete. This strategy can be simply called blank email opt-in that delivers with exceptional professionalism. However, it can as well help to get rid of malicious registrations and the danger of striking a typo spamtrap. It is also slightly simpler than registering for email through SMS. This is because it needs fewer keystrokes. It will also keep the email sign up process within the inbox. However, you will discover that the whole process remains simple and increase opt-in confirmations.

Location-Specific Email Marketing:

In a nutshell, location demographics will help you refer to landmarks, events or stores. This is because they are most important to a given segment of users. They are as well important to people who can help drive traffic to your offline selling outlets. With respect to the benefits of e-mail marketing for customer retention and acquisition in most establishments, understanding the latest options technologies is important for businesses to stay competitive and engaging in the box. It is important to understand the fundamentals perfectly

Real-time Email Marketing:

For several years, the real-time marketing strategy has be used in online PR. It is also called ”Always-On Marketing”. Though, there are so many brands adopting this strategy to get slight great results. However, real-time content or products and using live photos can help your brand effectively. Even while based on profile or geography, the strategy is highly beneficial. It is simply a technique of creating relevant emails to use for your business or brand.


With the comprehensive explanation in this article, you will agree that email marketing trends and challenges at 2015 remain factual. Reading through the trends will help you get prepared to take your business to the next level. You can give it a try now.

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