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Launch Evolution Review

If you are somehow linked to internet marketing industry, you must know that there are two ways to earn money on the internet.

First, you can sell someone else’s products and second, you can create and sell your own product.

Selling other people’s products is easy and doesn’t need a lot of initial investment, therefore, affiliate marketing happens to be one of the easiest ways to earn money.

But, being an affiliate you only get a small percentage of commission while the product owner gets most from your efforts. This is why a fair enough number of people eventually switch from affiliate marketing to product creation.

Creating your own product is expensive and risky. If you are inexperienced, you will find yourself in deep trouble. To come up with a killer launch, you have to learn at least the basics of product launch.

Launching a new product from scratch is not easy. If done right, it can make you a millionaire and if done the other way, it might turn into a massive disaster.

The real question is, what are the steps that you should follow in order to make your product launch a success? What are the strategies, plans, marketing tactics, the rule of thumbs that you should follow in order to come up with something that will blow the market?

Honestly speaking, no one will go to tell you all this for free. There are a lot of people out there that launch a new successful product after every couple of months – we call them gurus. They know all the secrets but think for a moment, why will they tell you or anyone else that what their secret formula for launching a product successfully is?

There are no free lunches – but of course, we do have paid ones.

There are several courses and training programs that show you and tell you how to launch a new product or a digital product. Now if you want to be great at something you have to learn it from those who are already great at it – right.

This is where Launch Evolution by Matt Clark comes in.

Launch Evolution is one of the most authentic coaching programs on product creation.

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Launch Evolution Authors

Matt Clark. and Jason katzenback

Matt Clark is the main man behind this course. Anything that comes from this guy is definitely worth trying. He has a proven track record of creating masterpieces. He has created several courses in the past including Copy Command, App Startup, Online Jumpstart, amazing selling machine and many others.

He has launched and grew four multimillionaire dollar businesses. He is a famous author who has written several articles for Forbes and Business.

He is truly a guy you can trust. He knows what he is doing and what he is saying.

Jason Katzenback is the other author of the course. He is an exceptionally experienced guy who launched his first million dollar business in 2005 and since then, he has been addicted to doing so. He is an entrepreneur, speaker, and author.

Together these two guys make a perfect team.

Launch Evolution Overview

In simple words, Launch Evolution is a coaching program that teaches you how to successfully launch your own product. It consists of manuals, CDs, videos, audios, interviews and case studies. There are a lot of learning methods available for the members.

This is purely a training program for those who are interested in launching their own product or service pretty much in any niche. It trains you as to how you should launch your own product (or service) even if you have no idea of it. You will learn about marketing, sales, email marketing, sales funnel, joint ventures, traffic generation, advertising campaigns and what not. Everything is included in the training program.

Launch Evolution Features

Launch Evolution is an awesome training program that has a lot of features, let’s go through some of the best ones.

  • It is a course authored by two leading and extremely experienced internet marketers that have successfully launched a lot of products in the past and in this course, they will be sharing their experiences, strategies, and techniques.
  • It is a multi-format course that has a lot of different formats ranging from PDFs to videos to audios to online sessions and much more. It doesn’t matter whether you are more comfortable with PDFs or videos, you can choose the format that is best for you.
  • It is a very content-rich course that has covered everything in great detail that is related to the success of a product launch.
  • It comes with some awesome bonuses.
  • You will get access to all the resources and tools that you need to launch your product successfully. Authors have shared all the resources that they have been using personally for their own launches which made more than 82$ M.
  • You will get access to strategies, tools, methods and techniques that have worked for authors and for a lot of product launchers in the past and helped them to achieve more than 82 $M.
  • It is a practically applicable course that comes with worksheets, mind maps and checks lists. You will not only learn the secrets of product launch but you will also get all the information about practically implementing your learnings. Mind maps and worksheets help you do this.
  • The course works for all niches and all types of product launches. There are no industry specific strategies instead you will learn generic product launch strategies that can be applied to any industry.
  • The program is working for all types of physical or digital products, it also working for new software launches

Launch Evolution Video 1

8-Figure Product Launch? Here’s the First Step...

There are literally only a handful of people in the entire world who have this level of product launch proof…

…and now they’re sharing how they do it.

A $22 million 8-day product launch? Yep, they’ve done it.

Four 8-figure product launches (that’s $10M+)? Yep, like clockwork.

Matt Clark, co-founder of and co-creator of the famous Amazing Selling Machine program has shared his first video for launch Evolution Product with title “irresistible offer”, Below is my notes about the video 

Matt explained the secrets for how he has achieved 82$ M in sales and his step by step system for producing massive on demand product

whatever you will sell, online courses, physical products, service, tickets or anything, the system is working for anything
Matt specified  the three main factors that determine the success of any launch

  1. Offer
  2. Model
  3. Traffic

the irresistible offer, Why your customers will buy your product? what is the problem your product will solve for your customers? what are the benefits it will add to them? you product must solve a pain or achieve gain for them

Your offer must take care of some factors

  • Factor #1: Results, what the expected results your product will achieve for your customers
  • Factor #2: Risks, what are the risk your buyers must assume when purchasing your products

You will not sell product, You will sell package of product
What is your launch package?

To create your launch package, you must brainstorm to stand on what are the things you need to deliver to your customer to reduce the risks (Finacial Risk, Time Risk, and opportunity Risk )
Matt explained more ideas to how to eliminate the risks and add more value for your launch package
such as adding 100% money back guarantee period for your product which will reduce the financial risks for your customers

The most important part to create irresistible offer is scarcity,

Matt Shared More scarcity ideas such as

  • making your product available for the only specific period of time and after that, it will not be available
  • offering more discounts at your product during the launch and inform your customers that these discounts will be ended by the launch and the product price will be increased after the launch
  • Informing your customers that the bonuses will be removed from the product package by the end of the launch so they will miss the bonus package for the product if they missed it during the launch

Finally to create irresistible offer you need

  1. Build package
  2. Eliminate Risk
  3. Create Scarcity

Matt has offered Irresistible Offer Creation Template for free which will also cover the product pricing
You can Watch this amazing video and download your Irresistible Offer Creation template for free by clicking on button

Now is your chance to learn how the biggest product launches are really done.

Watch this first of four videos and learn why you should never sell just a product

Watch Launch Evolution Video 1

Launch Evolution Video 2

The Launch Model Step by Step

Watch Launch Evolution Video 1

Launch Evolution Video 3

Two Traffic Sources for your launch

Watch Launch Evolution Video 1

Launch Evolution Video 4

Our Brand New Launch Program

Watch Launch Evolution Video 1

Launch Evolution Pros

Launch Evolution Pros
  • It is a very affordable training program with no recurring charges. Everyone even newbies can afford it.
  • It comes with a money back guarantee period. This means you can try it risk-free.
  • The authors behind this course are guys that are expert at launching products that earn them a lot of money. If they are teaching you something, there is nothing better than this.
  • It is a very detailed course that covers every single aspect of a new product launch. Nothing is left uncovered.
  • It is a multi-format course that has a lot of different formats like PDF, videos, audios and online sessions. You can choose the format that you love the most.
  • It gives you worksheets and checks lists that are very helpful for practically applying your ideas and plan.
  • It teaches you a lot of product launch strategies. You are then free to choose the strategy that goes well with your product.
  • The entire course is practically applicable. It is not just theory but you will be able to take actions.
  • You get access to resources and tools that are must for a product launch.
  • You also get access to all the plans, methods and strategies that authors have been using personally for their own launches.
  • The consultancy upsell is simply awesome where you can consult authors, ask questions, get feedback on your product launch and make thing better.

Launch Evolution Cons

Launch Evolution Cons
  • Of course, the biggest drawback of Launch Evolution is its price. It is really an expensive coaching program.

Launch Evolution Bonus

Launch Evolution Bonus Package is the best Launch Evolution Bonus Package you will see all over the web, Just make sure to check our Bonus Package and be noted that  it will be limited to first 10 members and it will exceed 3999$ Value

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How to Claim Your Launch Evolution Bonus

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  • Launching a new product is definitely something that must be first learned and then done. If you have no idea of launching a new product, you must grab launch Evolution Program. If you really want to get your voice heard in thousands of other products, Launch Evolution is must for you.
  • It has all the features and details that you need including all the add-ons that are must for any launch.
  • Launch Evolution a no-miss course for businesses and entrepreneurs. Not to forget, your purchase is fully covered by money back guarantee. You can try it risk-free.
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